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I want to take a moment of your time to tell you about a dear friend of mine, Allan Gibbs. I had the honor of meeting this gentle giant in 2012 when he came to my studio to record his first CD. Over the course of working on that project, Allan and his wife, Tena, have found a permanent place in my heart. They are precious people who are as loving as they come. It doesn't take long to realize that they have a heart for the hurting.

Allan is an incredible minister and has a great calling on his life! He openly demonstrates the love of Jesus Christ as he lives his daily life, whether showing compassion as he walks down an aisle of a grocery store or ministering to a hurting family who is desperate for hope. This man's life is a testimony to the faithfulness of Almighty God and the vastness of His love. I truly believe that this ministry is as genuiune and unique as they come!

Aisde from being a great minister, Allan also has a very pleasant singing voice, which reminds me a lot of the smoothness of the legendary Bing Crosby, except with a deeper range. Without reservation, I strongly encourage you to get to know my friends, Allan & Tena Gibbs. They are a joy to be around and will encourage and motivate you and your organization as they let their light shine brightly for The Father!

May God richly bless you and yours!

Kenny Mock, president

Mended Heart Music

Sapulpa, Oklahoma

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